looking for a simplified way to become more proficient at living more naturally in your own home?

The Compendium subscription is for those wanting a reliable resource with actionable steps to grow a more naturally minded approach to homemaking. Subscribers enjoy the ever-growing selection of:

  • Exclusive and unique recipes to help you become more confident in the kitchen by cooking from scratch and using your own intuition.
  • Resources and book recommendations for further study on niche topics written by Corina, a knowledgeable guest, or rare resource.
  • Historical musings and cogitation as they pertain to Home centric living.
  • Realistic goals and concepts that can be reached with simple, strategic steps. You can begin to implement right away to become more naturally minded.

Meet Corina,

For more than a decade, Corina has enjoyed cultivating a more natural approach to many aspects of everyday life. She enjoys the challenge of breaking the modern day homemaker mold and living a bit more slowly and intentionally. To do so, she has adopted historical and primitive methods that not only meet the physical needs of her and her family, but also the deeper, soulful need to be a good steward of resources like time, money and energy and bring glory to God in her work at home.


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What to expect: Online access to a growing collection of home centric resources pertaining to holistic living topics, cultivating a slower pace of living and pursuing beauty in the everyday. Set up your account, and enjoy perusing monthly resources at your fingertips!