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Service Offerings:

  • Coaching sessions
  • Hands-on Workshops
  • Private events
  • Summer Camps
  • Garden Care & Maintenance
  • Vacation Care
  • Custom Design

Please fill out the form below to inquire. Please include all information below including the best day and time to contact you. Consultations are 30 minutes long and can be conducted in person if you are local to Chattanooga, TN or remotely via FaceTime or Phone call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Kitchen Garden?

A: A Kitchen Garden is simply a garden that grows vegetables, fruit, herbs and flowers for your culinary needs. It’s typically a different location or space from your home’s traditional landscaping.

Q: Where is Hopewell Garden Co. Located?

A: Corina operates her garden business outside of Chattanooga, TN and is available in person as well as remotely.

Q: How do I know if I have the space for a Kitchen Garden?

A: Hop on a consultation call, and let’s see if we can find the best space for your Kitchen Garden. You will want a sunny location, but we can adjust for spaces with partial or dappled shade.

Q: How much space do I need for a Kitchen Garden?

A: Not much! Your Kitchen Garden can be as small as a 4×4 ft. square planted with a few plants, or as big as you can dream it.

Q: I live in an HOA, can I get a Kitchen Garden?

A: Each HOA is different. Check with your HOA and see what specifics they have about vegetable gardening or garden placement. In many cases, having a well designed plan will not cause friction, especially if the Kitchen Garden is maintained, orderly and above all, beautiful.

Q: What do I do once I get my Kitchen Garden Plan?

A: Once you have your plan, you can get right to work! Your plan will include all the details so you know exactly what to do and how to care for your garden. If you need a more hands-on approach, Corina does offer in-person coaching sessions.

Q: I already have a Kitchen Garden but would like help to maintain it.

A: Corina is available for in-person coaching, Vacation care and maintenance.