Want to ditch the toxic cleaners, but have no idea where to start?

This is why Corina created the Natural Minded Homemaker Course. Join her as she shares with you her favorite all-natural ingredients, products and resources to equip you to take your health haven to the next level.

Learn how chemicals could have a negative impact on your health and home’s air quality.
Understand how natural products work, how to use them, and where to source them.
After this course, you’ll be ready to start with confidence.

Not into DIY?

That’s no problem! Corina identifies quality pre-made products for a seamless, non-toxic switch. In addition to her recommendations, she includes a trusted source with verified non-toxic options that replace every cleaner in your home.

a bit about corina

Corina knows and understands the frustration of switching to more natural based cleaning products. Everywhere you look, buzz words like “green”, “environmentally friendly” and “Free of” make it even more confusing on what’s truly non-toxic.
When Corina and her husband’s health came into question, that was the final push she needed to begin moving forward in her research and education. That was over 6 years ago, and today, she continues to fine-tune her natural cleaning arsinal to ensure that she is doing her best to support her family’s physical and mental well-being.
She created The Natural Minded Homemaker Course to help address pain points one may experience when making the move towards a naturally clean home. With her expertise and simple approach, you too will be equipped to begin making the journey to a more naturally clean home, and continue to grow in confidence as a natural-minded homemaker.

Are you ready to cut out guess work and become a natural minded homemaker?

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