It sounds like the last thing you may want to try and use for bone broth – but I’m telling you – it’s economical, nutrient-dense, and most importantly – 100% Delicious!


– 10-20 Chicken Feet

– 6 qt or 8 qt stock pot (or Instant Pot)

– Filtered water

– Apple Cider Vinegar (to preference about 1/4 cup)

– Salt (to taste)

1. Wash chicken feet, rinse well.

2. Add chicken feet to stockpot on stove, boil for 10-15 minutes (until yellow membrane can easily be peeled off).

2. Peel membrane from chicken feet, and discard nails (you can break off the tips).

(You can try and source chicken feet that have already been peeled).

3. Put chicken feet in stockpot (cover with water) add apple cider vinegar, and boil for 4 hours on low heat.


4. Place in the instant pot, cover with water, add in apple cider vinegar and salt.

When finished, strain and store in glass storage jars in the fridge (or pressure canned).

If you choose, you can let it cool and add to freezer bags and store in the freezer.

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