You can leave out the cinnamon is you don’t care for it. This recipe is great for littles needing more fiber and fruit in their diet – it’s also a GREAT base where eggs need to be replaced in a recipe. ALWAYS use organic/local grown – pesticide free.

– 1-2 lbs of organic apples (We like pink lady, granny smiths and Gala apples – all one type or a mix of all 3).

– 1-2 TBs of Cinnamon

– Juice of 1 Lemon

*1- 1.5 cups of water

*Slice and half-peel apples, add to instant pot

*Add lemon juice and cinnamon and mix well

*Add water and seal lid

*Press manual pressure, 9 minutes

*You can do a quick release, I tend to let it sit on the counter and naturally release.

You can store in the fridge for a LONG time – we typically make a quart jar every two weeks.

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