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Do you ever feel like you are from a different era? Do you long for opportunity to practice the olden ways? Do you enjoy trying to cook and eat new recipes whilst learning new skills? Do you want to expand your mind by learning and deciphering old English from the 1600s, practice old recipes with little direction, and tell your friends and family about the process, and compare notes and geek out with others who appreciate the thrill of trying and learning, and cooking? If that sounds like you, make sure you grab a copy of The Well Kept Kitchen by Gervase Markham and get excited to try one new recipe a month and compare notes with others online! Cook Club is free! The only cost to you is supplying your own ingredients, your time selecting and executing a recipe from that month’s category, and making time to hop online one evening with others and share in the excitement together.

We will chat about the language, the hints and habits, the historical setting and see how these lost recipes can be revisited in modern day.

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If you are a physical book copy kinda person, check out my INSTAGRAM highlight called COOK CLUB – as well as additional details on why this book is too cool! I’ve linked various sources where the book is currently in stock.

I can’t wait to get cookin’ with ye fair maidens. (Sorry linguists, I know very little about this time period but cannot WAIT to start using some of this beautiful language, cooking with pippins, and so on).

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