2 heads of cabbage (Small)

2-5 TBs of Real Salt, Pink or Sea Salt

Fermentation Time:

2-6 Weeks at room temperate (This can go more slowly during cold months or more quickly during warm months)


Store in the fridge or in Cold storage (3-12 months)

– Add salt to chopped cabbage

– In a large bowl, massage well until brine begins to form

– Pack TIGHTLY in a half-gallon jar

– Make sure cabbage is fully submerged in the brine before adding a cabbage leaf and weight

– Cover with a tea towel, or use a mason top (can be found on amazon)

-Keep on the countertop at room temp for 2-5 weeks, or until desired tang has been acquired (I like mine after 4-6 weeks)


– If the brine is running low, you can add more saltwater to it to make sure everything is still under the brine.

– If mold forms at the top, you may have not added enough salt to the brine when making, or you may not have had enough brine to keep everything submerged. If mold forms, I would discard and try again.

– If it taste salty, continue to let it ferment another week. This could be because fermentation is taking longer than anticipated, or because too much salt was added.

Please note: Cabbage can be mushy or crunchy. There is no right or wrong here. It’s about developing your personal preference and trying different methods that you prefer. Some people do core their cabbage and shred their cabbage more finely, while other (including myself) chop the entire cabbage, leaving the core and

For a full tutorial and additional troubleshooting information, click the video below:

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