In June, I had the pleasure of leading a week long day camp around gardening and homesteading with elementary aged kids. It was a delight to see their minds connecting the dots with where their food came from, how it was raised and the care and attention it needed. We started with a rhythm of arriving into the garden with work aprons on and began weeding while the garden was still cool. We also harvested and watered the plants as needed. Throughout the week, the kids got the hang of the rhythm that a garden imposes and by the end of the week, they were absolute pros.

I compiled a list of things that Kids can do in the garden or in relation to the garden. I am a firm believer in experiential learning as many of us connect the dots better while we are listening and doing at the same time. Things “stick”. No task or activity is too small. It may be a “pebble” of activity but it will compound with a ripple effect that will last them their lifetime. While the list is short and sweet, there are a ton of Pinterest how-to’s on some of these such as composting kitchen scraps or starting a worm bin. Pick a few, do a bit of Pinterest-ing and go for it!

Here’s a link to the Kids Garden Activities Pinterest Board

Here’s a list of 101 garden-related tasks and activities that kids can do:

  1. Plant seeds.
  2. Water plants.
  3. Pull weeds.
  4. Harvest vegetables.
  5. Pick flowers.
  6. Rake leaves.
  7. Compost kitchen scraps.
  8. Dig holes for planting.
  9. Identify insects.
  10. Paint garden rocks.
  11. Make plant labels.
  12. Create a scarecrow.
  13. Build a birdhouse.
  14. Feed birds.
  15. Mulch garden beds.
  16. Measure plant growth.
  17. Make a worm compost bin.
  18. Collect rainwater.
  19. Build a bug hotel.
  20. Start a sunflower race.
  21. Create a garden journal.
  22. Dry flowers.
  23. Make seed bombs.
  24. Paint flower pots.
  25. Create a fairy garden.
  26. Make a leaf rubbing.
  27. Start a butterfly garden.
  28. Build a miniature garden.
  29. Plant a tree.
  30. Create stepping stones.
  31. Make a garden wind chime.
  32. Create a garden sculpture.
  33. Grow herbs in pots.
  34. Make a bird feeder.
  35. Plant a sensory garden.
  36. Decorate a garden sign.
  37. Press flowers.
  38. Make a toad house.
  39. Start a vegetable garden.
  40. Create a garden mosaic.
  41. Grow a bean teepee.
  42. Build a raised bed.
  43. Make a scarecrow.
  44. Plant a bulb garden.
  45. Create a garden map.
  46. Learn about composting.
  47. Make a garden playlist.
  48. Have a garden picnic.
  49. Grow plants from kitchen scraps.
  50. Start a herb garden.
  51. Make garden markers.
  52. Create a succulent garden.
  53. Build a mini greenhouse.
  54. Plant a pollinator garden.
  55. Create a nature collage.
  56. Grow plants in recycled containers.
  57. Make a garden scrapbook.
  58. Plant a butterfly bush.
  59. Build a bug box.
  60. Start a garden club.
  61. Make nature art.
  62. Grow a windowsill garden.
  63. Paint garden gnomes.
  64. Create a garden treasure hunt.
  65. Build a birdbath.
  66. Make a garden lantern.
  67. Plant a wildflower garden.
  68. Learn about beneficial insects.
  69. Grow a pizza garden.
  70. Make garden stepping stones.
  71. Create a garden-themed story.
  72. Build a garden fort.
  73. Make a leaf crown.
  74. Grow a strawberry patch.
  75. Create a garden obstacle course.
  76. Plant a beanpole wigwam.
  77. Make a nature bracelet.
  78. Build a mud kitchen.
  79. Create a garden time capsule.
  80. Grow a butterfly-friendly plant.
  81. Make a garden diorama.
  82. Create a garden chalkboard.
  83. Build a garden bench.
  84. Plant a hanging garden.
  85. Make a nature journal.
  86. Grow a watermelon patch.
  87. Create a sensory pathway.
  88. Build a garden archway.
  89. Make a leaf garland.
  90. Plant a miniature fruit tree.
  91. Create a nature scavenger hunt.
  92. Make a garden hat.
  93. Build a compost bin.
  94. Plant a herb spiral.
  95. Create a garden-themed board game.
  96. Grow a lettuce bowl.
  97. Make a garden photo album.
  98. Build a butterfly feeder.
  99. Create a garden puzzle.
  100. Plant a shade garden.
  101. Make a garden vision board.

These activities can help kids learn about nature, develop gardening skills, and enjoy spending time outdoors.

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