Baked Oatmeal


– 3 Cups of Organic Rolled Oats

– 2 Cups of Full Fat Coconut Milk

– 2.5 Cups of Purified Water

– 1 Heaping TBS of Cinnamon

– 1/3-ish cup of Maple Syrup or Honey

– 1.5 tsp of Vanilla Extract

– 1.5 tsp of Salt

– 1/2 Cup of Raisins

* Put all ingredients in an oven-safe container and mix well(I use a casserole dish with a lid, or cover a baking dish with parchment paper) – You can pre-soak this mixture overnight in the fridge and bake the next morning, or bake ahead and store in the fridge.

* Bake at 350 – 365 for 15-30 Minutes (Keep an eye on it)

*Add butter or Ghee just before serving and an extra splash of coconut milk if it’s too lumpy for your liking.


*Stores well in the fridge. Scoop out a piece and warm in oven for a quick breakfast the next day.

SIMPLE BAKED OATMEAL #2 (With Apples, Like the Photo)

– 2 Cups of Old-fashioned oats ( I used half of a cup rolled and half of a cup Old-Fashioned)

– 1.5 Cups of Coconut Sugar (or Honey, added after baking, before serving)

– 1/2 Cup of Chia seeds *

– 1/2 Cup of Pumpkin seeds * (you can also use walnuts or pecans)

– 1 tsp Baking Powder

– 1/3 Cup of Raisins (or dried fruit)

– (OPTIONAL) Granny Smith or Pink Lady or whatever you have (about 2-3 – THINLY sliced, like potato chips)

– 4 TBS of Ghee or Butter

-1 tsp of Vanilla Extract

– 1/2 tsp of Salt

– 2 Eggs

– 2 Cups of Full Fat Coconut Milk* (You can use water, just not as flavorful)

* Mix all dry ingredients together

* Incorporate wet ingredients

* (OPTIONAL) Add Apple slices to the top and drizzle a light ratio of ghee, cinnamon, and coconut sugar over the top – just enough to help crisp apples – I DIDN’T MEASURE this part, but it was just enough to lightly coat the apples, not drench them or the oatmeal.

* Bake at 325-350 for 30-45 Minutes

* Serve warm with extra butter/ghee and a bit more coconut milk if it’s too lumpy or dry.

This oatmeal bake was drier than the first as the chia seeds soaked up the coconut milk – however, we enjoyed it this way and just added a bit more coconut milk and ghee to each serving.

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