Cutter Quilt Stockings

If you have an antique quilt with a bit of damage, give it new life with this simple cutter quilt stocking tutorial.
This tutorial is "Sew" simple, and in a few short nights, you have a lasting decoration for Christmases to come.
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  • Cutter Quilt (any quilt that you don't mind cutting and repurposing)
  • Thread (I used Coats & Clark Dua duty All-Purpose Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure or Ruler (I eye-balled measurements. You can wing it! I believe in you.)
  • Paper & Pencil


  • 1 Quilt


  • Create the desired shape of your stocking on a newspaper, or paper bag. You can Measure your current stockings and add about 1/4" seam allowance.
  • Fold your quilt (fabric) in half with the pattern side inside the fold, with the finished edge touching the top of the stocking pattern.
    Trace the shape of the stocking onto the back of your quilt (fabric). (Trace it on the side that will not be facing the outside.)
  • Put the two cut out pieces inside out (The pattern side facing each other).
  • Starting about 2-8" from the top edge (this part will be the cuff later), stitch the two pieces together using a running stitch. (See the notes below for a clickable link on threading the needle, and how to make a straight stitch).
  • Continue your running stitch until it's sewn together.
  • Turn it inside out (The pattern side will be showing outward now).
  • Go back and stitch the 2-8" left. Once it's sewn together, flip it down to reveal the cuff.
  • Add a twist tie, or loop of fabric on the back of the stocking so it can hang.
I used the sturdy twist tire wire from our Coffee bag. I simply stitched it to the back corner, so I could easily twist it onto our wire panel on the stairs.
I had both patterned pieces facing each other as I stitched them together. You can see that I left 8 ” inches at the top free, so I could stitch them together so I could be able to fold it over in itself to create the cuff.

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