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During the winter months, I find myself indoors more than any other time of year. This is the perfect time to learn something new, brush up on a favorite hobby or both! In gardening, there is so much out there to learn – selecting plants, deciding if you want to start your garden from seed, and what grows best in what climate. Whether you are a seasoned pro or just getting started, here are a few of my all time favorite gardening books that I find myself returning to year after year.

Make your Place by Raleigh Briggs – This book has ALL the basic gardening skills you need from selecting the site for your garden, how to take care of plant needs, and so on. I also love that it is diverse and have tons of non toxic and sustainable living recipes. It’s a great all-in-all book that I gift often.

Timber Press Vegetable Gardening by Zone and State (USA) – Here in the South, I use the Vegetable Gardening for the Southern States but just recently discovered that they have now published it for each state with is incredibly helpful if you are one, wanting to really understanding how to grow in your climate and what grows best. I’ve added my home state of Tennessee to my cart!

Four Seasons Harvest by Eliot Coleman – This book gives you tons of options on how and where to grow certain vegetables. Eliot is in grow zone 5 in the US, so while what he suggests may not work for my grow zone of 7a, I am still able to apply his gardening technique with a movable (and affordable) greenhouse, as well as using his book to reference best practicing when starting certain vegetables from seeds, harvesting, and storing. I also enjoy his book the New Organic Grower which expounds upon growing practices and techniques.

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  1. Thanks for sharing these titles! One could never have too many books on gardening!

    1. Most welcome, friend! I love a good stack of books! 🙂 Hope you are well.

  2. Thank you fiend! Will definitely put them on my list!👍🏻🤗

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