Whipped Tallow Balm

Tallow has been a prized cooking fat for centuries because of it's nourishing properties, storability and accesibility in the hunter/gatherer lifestyle. It's also an ideal balm for rashes, dry skin, acne, make up removal, bum balm and anywhere there is a need for a little TLC.
Course: Herbal Remedies
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  • Sauce pan
  • Stand Mixer or Hand Mixer with Whisk attachment


  • 7 oz 100% Grass Fed Tallow I buy mine from Azure Standard
  • 1/4 Cup Olive Oil can substitute olive oil with infused olive oil or half jojoba oil and half olive oil


  • Melt tallow in a sauce pan on low heat
  • Pour melted tallow and olive oil in stand mixer and allow it to cool
  • Once tallow and olive oil become opaque (can take 20-30 minutes) and cooled down, begin whisking quickly on high speed
  • Stop the mixer when tallow begins turning white and fluffy, and scrape down the sides to make sure all ingredients are well incorporated
  • Once it begins to resemble thick whipped cream, it's done!
  • Pack down well in a half pint jar, making sure there are no air bubbles in the jar
  • This balm can be stored at room temperature so that it's not solidified but can also extend shelf life by storing in the fridge


Using infused olive oil imparts all the herbal benefits of that herb such as lavender or calendula and a light scent.
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