Nettle Infusion

This infusion is made using dried stinging nettle leaves. You can absolutley use fresh stinging nettle instead. Infusions or tonics are water-extractions of herbs/plants. Nettle is high in trace minerals needed for essential functions. Nettle is like a liquid multivitamin for the body. Herbalist enjoy using this herb for adrenal fatigue, malnourishment, hormonal/reproductive health, and ease growing pains in littles. It can benefit many! Its particularly high in calcium, magnesium, chromium, as well as phytonutrients and anti inflammatory properties.
Nettle can help the with everyday detoxification, seasonal allergies, wound and bone health, as well as blood sugar regulation and balancing.
From the Materia Medica:
URTICA (Nettles)WHOLE HERB. Cold or Standard infusion, as needed.
Course Herbal Remedies


  • .5 cup dried nettle
  • .5 Gallon boiled water


  • Add .5 cup of dried nettle (about a handful) into a warmed glass container that can accomodate 1/2 gallon of water
  • Boil just over half a gallon of purified water and turn off heat once bubbling really good
  • Pour over dried nettles in glass container
  • Allow mixture to sit at room temperated for 8-12 hours. For a stronger extraction, use the full 12 hours. For a weaker extraction, you can use it anytime but the benefit it really in the long hall.
  • When the time is up, strain off herbs (add to compost, spread in garden, strain a second time for garden or house plant fertilizer)
  • Put infusion in the fridge and enjoy it cold or gently heated as you like
  • The longer it's stored the less potent it becomes, so enjoy it within a week or so


Serving: Infusions are stronger than tea but can be enjoyed as such. Add good raw honey before sipping or enjoy it plain. 
Some enjoy this infusion daily or when a craving strikes. We typically utilize it during times of need (during/after illness) or over the winter when our immune system and body need a little extra resources to keep us well. 
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