This sheet pan is EASY and feeds 4-6 people.

INGREDIENTS: – Smoked pork sausage. (I used 4 – cut into small, bite-sized chunks)

– 2 Apples (Tart apples are great – Try Pink Lady or Granny Smith) – A Handful or 2 (or 3) of green beans.

– 2 Medium- Large sweet potatoes, cubed. (I used organic, frozen from Wal Mart) – 1# of broccoli in medium-sized “trees” (as my toddler would say). : : Add broccoli to its own pan, sprinkle and mix in 2-ish TBs of avocado or coconut oil, a dash a thyme, basil, rosemary, and oregano, a dash of salt and pepper. Incorporate well.

: : Add green beans and sweet potatoes to their own sheet pan together (they both cook equally), repeat same treatment as with the broccoli. : : Chop two apples and sausages and put those in a baking dish on their own,

add the sausage and apple dish and the broccoli into the oven at 350-400-425F (whatever you like, depending on time you have for it to cook). . . Once the brocolli starts to smoke or smells like its cooking, add in the green beans/sweet potato pan. . . Cook all to desired vegetable texture, and pull out when ready to serve.



This dish is great in a big bowl together, or over rice with coconut aminos.

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