Prep Time

5 Minutes

Prep Notes

– Sauce Pan or electric kettle (to heat water)

– Blender

Cooking Time

15 Minutes


2 Cups of Coconut Milk


– 1.5 Cups Organic, Unsulphered, Unsweetened Coconut Shreds

– 2 Cups, Hot Filtered Water


– Put Coconut flakes and Hot Water together in the blender pitcher.

– Let it sit with the lid on for 10-15 minutes.

– Before placing on the blender, remove the lid and let it sit for 3-5 minutes to release steam.

– Replace lid on blender pitcher and attach to blender. 

– ** Start blender on the lowest setting for 1-2 minutes, taking breaks to release steam.

– Repeat the above step 2-3 more times, until desired consistency is reached (thin, runny coconut water with texture).

– Pour over a strainer in a large bowl or into a nut milk bag over a glass jar, and strain the coconut flakes. Store in a glass jar.

– Use within one week.


** Make sure that you take time to release the steam! Pressure builds as the concoction is blended. Take time to repeat this step will help you avoid a huge coconutty mess in the kitchen (trust me).

– If you desire thicker coconut milk, add more flakes than water.

– You can dehydrate the leftover coconut flakes and use as coconut flour or coconut sprinkles.

– This recipe has been adapted – see credit and original recipe below. 

Making your own coconut milk has many advantages but my most favorite is that this coconut milk is free of food additives that disagree with our family’s digestive system and I know exactly what’s in it – 100% coconut and water. Gums, stabilizers, emulsifiers, preservatives and other gunk are often added to canned coconut milk and coconut milk beverages (as well as nut milk) on the market. 

Next time you’re in the store, take a peep at the ingredients list. When buying coconut milk (or milk alternatives), look for 100% organic coconut milk or Organic coconut milk (Coconut milk, and water). If you don’t have access to organic, no additive foods – order online!)


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