Prep Time

2 Minutes

Prep Notes


Cheesecloth or Cotton dish towel


Glass Jar (8oz. Jam Jar)

Cooking Time

15 Minutes


8 oz. jar


2 Sticks of Organic, Grass Fed Butter


8 oz. of Organic, Grass Fed Butter 


Lightly melt butter on low heat.

Do not let it boil.

As it begins to melt and separate, skim off the milk (white) solids off the top.

Continue skimming off the top until all the milk solids are removed.

Place cheesecloth or dish towel over a glass jar, and slowly pour butter oil into it.

Once all butter oil has been strained through the cloth, inspect for any lingering milk solids and remove.

Let it cool and solidify before use.

Store in a cool place, or in the refrigerator. 


* You can use Salted or Unsalted (I prefer to use unsalted).

* You do not have to refrigerate Ghee since oil is all that is left – but it couldn’t hurt.

Ghee is a great butter alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or casein sensitive, but still long for that rich, buttery flavor. 

By removing the milk solids, common milk components that are troublesome for some are no longer present in the butter oil. 

Ghee is not recommended for those to consume with a severe milk allergy. 

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